Orthodontic Guidelines For Children

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A child's teeth will undergo many transformations as they make their way to adulthood. Misaligned teeth, including visible gaps, may cause concern about how your child's smile will look when they are older. Look into children's orthodontic services to ensure your child will maintain attractive and healthy teeth throughout their lifetime.

Children's Services

A child's dental practice features dental professionals who understand the changes that a youngster's teeth endure throughout the course of their life. A young dental patient will experience their primary teeth falling out and their secondary (adult) teeth growing in.

This variable alone can greatly affect the orthodontic plan that a dentist recommends. A very young child who has chipped teeth or gaps between their teeth may not immediately be a candidate for braces or clear aligners. A dentist who specializes in pediatric orthodontics can advise a parent based on a child's teeth and age.

Adjustments Throughout The Process

During routine cleanings and examinations of your child's teeth, their primary dentist will provide you with a conclusive analysis and recommendations. No two children are the same, which means that your child's dental provider will offer guidance that is based solely on your child's dental health and future projections. If your child is young, their dentist may advise you to wait until many or all of their secondary teeth grow in, prior to seeking braces or clear aligners.

Once your child is older, their dentist will have a better understanding of the permanent alignment of their teeth. Braces and aligners are two orthodontic products that can vastly improve the alignment of your child's teeth.

Each product is designed to improve how teeth are aligned. Each product is vastly different and will entail varying dental procedures. There are often payment plans offered for these dental aids. The dentist who tends to your child's needs may ultimately refer you to a provider of orthodontic services.

If you decide to seek guidance through a third-party dental provider, it is perfectly alright to ask questions about the potential procedures and expected outcomes that your child will experience. A specialized dental provider can offer beneficial information that will help you choose an orthodontic treatment plan that is best suited for your child. They will also provide information about what your child can expect during and after an orthodontic procedure.

Contact a children's dentist or orthodontist in your area for more information about child orthodontics


12 January 2023

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