2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Are you considering full mouth reconstruction? Full mouth reconstruction is one way to fix a wide range of dental issues, including tooth decay, aesthetic issues, and even issues you were born with. Full mouth reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like—a complete overhaul of your teeth. The dental surgeon removes your existing teeth and replaces them with implants. This can be down with just the top or bottom row of teeth or with all of your teeth.

While this may seem like an efficient way to correct ongoing dental issues, it's important to remember that a full mouth reconstruction is a major medical procedure. It is surgery, and it usually is not covered by dental insurance. There are financial and health risks involved, just as there are with any other surgery. Below are a couple of questions to consider before you take the next step.

Are there other ways to achieve your goals?

Before moving forward with a full reconstruction, discuss with your dentist whether there are other, less intrusive ways to achieve your goals. If your goals are mainly aesthetic, it's possible that braces could be a better solution. Braces take more time to be effective, but they are less expensive than reconstruction and have fewer risks. It's also possible that crowns or single tooth implants could be right for you. Maybe you only need one or two teeth replaced to improve your oral health, and not a total reconstruction.

How will you pay for it?

Very often, insurance does not cover full mouth reconstruction. Or if it does, it's only partially covered. Insurance companies will often encourage the patient to explore other less costly options. In fact, the average cost for full reconstruction is more than $50,000. Your insurance may cover the parts of the procedure that are deemed medically necessary, but probably won't cover the steps that are simply for aesthetic purposes, like teeth whitening.

What are your options to pay? Cash is one option, but that is a significant amount of money to pay out-of-pocket. Many dentists offer financing. However, you must qualify and the interest rate could be high. You could also consider a loan through a bank or even a line of credit on your home's equity, but again, that would leave you with long-term debt and years of payments. Consider your options carefully and get quotes from multiple dentists before moving forward. 

The best way to answer these questions and others you may have is to find a dentist who will be honest with you and help you explore all of your options. Also, be sure the dentist has experience with full mouth reconstruction, as their work will directly impact the appearance of your future smile. This is a major procedure, so it's important to talk to multiple dentists and find the one who is right for your goals and your budget.


23 August 2022

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