Why Should You Consider Children's Dental Care Specialists For Your Autistic Child?

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Having an autistic child in your home means you have to modify your family life in many ways. This is to help your child with autism thrive as well as to help your entire family get the attention they need as well.

Several activities and transitions cause strain and stress on your autistic child, with going to the dentist being one of them. However, your child still needs proper dental care by a pediatric dentist even if the experience causes a reaction in your child.

Children's dental care specialists can be helpful to your children and can help your child with autism in particular have healthier teeth. Learn why you should consider these types of dental practitioners for your autistic child's care.

Your child has specific dental needs

Children with autism may show an increased need for oral health care than other children because they often have unique food or eating habits, may chew on objects or move their mouths in stimming motions, or may take medications that can affect their oral health in general. If your child has any oral health conditions or they have issues with swallowing or eating difficulties, then they would benefit from children's dental care specialists who can anticipate and care for their specific dental needs.

As a bonus, your other children can go to the same dentists your autistic child goes to. This is beneficial to your whole family because you can schedule everyone's appointments at once, and beneficial to your child with special needs because they don't have to feel singled out for their dental appointments.

Your child has sensory needs or avoidances

It's common for children with autism and other neuro-developmental conditions — like sensory processing disorder — to have certain sensory needs and other sensory inputs they actively avoid. Working with children's dental care specialists, in particular, those who work with special needs children will allow your child to be in expert hands in the event they have a meltdown while in the dentist's chair.

Many activities can trigger a child while they are getting dental work done, including the sounds of a drill, the textures of a toothbrush, or even the taste of laughing gas, so it's important that you take note of any triggers your autistic child may have experienced in the past with dental practitioners and share these concerns with the children's dental care specialists you see. Everyone being on the same page regarding your autistic child's oral health is key to their comfort and quality care.

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30 August 2021

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