How Can Your Dentist Tell if You Need a Root Canal?

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Most people do not like hearing that they need a root canal, but this procedure is extremely normal. A root canal is a common procedure needed to save teeth when the roots become infected. How does a dentist know if you need one, though? Many people wonder about this, and there are several answers. Here are some of the ways a dentist determines that you need this procedure.

You Feel Pain in a Tooth

When a person feels pain in their mouth, they might not even know which tooth hurts. When people experience toothaches like this, it often means that they need root canals. Tooth pain is often the result of an infection in your mouth. If the infection reaches the roots of a tooth, you might need a root canal. If you have a toothache, talk to your dentist about the pain you feel. Your dentist will evaluate your mouth and find the problem.

Your Tooth Has a Major Problem

Dentists can also find problems when they see teeth that have major issues. For example, if your dentist sees a tooth with a lot of decay in it, they might further assess it to see how deep the decay goes. When decay gets too deep, it can get inside the roots. When this occurs, you need a root canal to fix the issue.

X-Rays Show the Problem

Dentists also use x-rays to find problems with teeth. When your dentist takes x-rays, it shows the tooth, roots, and bone. From these pictures, your dentist can see if the roots have an infection present. The only way to solve this problem is through a root canal. A root canal cleans the tooth's roots and eliminates the infection.

What to Expect

If your dentist discovers that you need to have this procedure done, you will probably have to visit the dentist two times. The first appointment gives the dentist a chance to clean the roots, which eliminates the infection and bacteria. The second appointment allows the dentist to fill the roots with a material that hardens, stopping the roots from becoming infected again.

Some people know they have a major tooth problem when they feel pain in their mouth. Other people might not know they have a problem until the dentist finds the problem through x-rays. If you have not visited a dentist recently, you might want to go, especially if you have a toothache. Contact a local dentist today to schedule an appointment.


11 June 2021

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