3 Things To Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you are looking to create a more attractive smile, you may want to visit a cosmetic dentist. There are plenty of ways that cosmetic dentistry can improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. There are more cosmetic dental procedures than ever to choose from, and there's a good chance that there's a procedure out there that will address what you do not like about your smile. Here are three things that you should know about cosmetic dentistry.

It's Non-Essential

Most cosmetic dental procedures are deemed non-essential. A non-essential dental procedure is simply one that impacts the appearance of your teeth but not their health. But that doesn't mean that cosmetic dentistry doesn't provide benefits. Undergoing cosmetic dental procedures can make it easier to clean your teeth and practice good oral hygiene. Cosmetic dentistry can also improve your self-confidence by increasing your satisfaction with your appearance. You should know that since cosmetic dental procedures are considered non-essential, it's unlikely that your dental insurance will cover any of the cost. 

Common Procedures

Before you visit a cosmetic dentist, it's a good idea to do your research and determine what procedures may work for your needs. For some, this means a few tweaks, while others are looking for a full smile makeover. There are cosmetic dental procedures that can address your teeth and your gums. Common procedures include veneers, tooth implants, gum reshaping, dental bonding, teeth whitening, and orthodontics. Some procedures, such as teeth whitening, are non-invasive. However, dental veneers, gum reshaping, implants, and other procedures mean permanent changes. Your cosmetic dentist will advise you on which techniques will give you the results you desire. 

You'll Pay Out Of Pocket

If you plan to get any cosmetic dental procedures, you should expect to pay the full cost out of pocket. In most situations, your dental insurance will not cover the cost. How much you pay will depend on the procedure. Teeth whitening can cost up to $500 for in-office whitening. Dental veneers tend to be very pricey, costing between $500 and $1,300 per tooth. Dental implants, which require surgery, cost anywhere from $1,250 to $3,000. Dental bonding will set you back between $100 and $400 per tooth. 

If you want to improve your smile's appearance, cosmetic dentistry can help. But there are a few things you need to know. First, cosmetic dental procedures are non-essential and rarely covered by dental insurance. Various procedures may give you the results you are looking for, and you should do some research before visiting a cosmetic dentist. Since cosmetic dentistry is not often covered by insurance, be prepared to pay out of pocket for your dental work.

For more information about cosmetic dentistry, speak with a local dentist.


17 December 2020

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