4 Top Benefits of Dental Implants

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Most people realize the importance of oral health care and hygiene when they lose their teeth. Some common causes of tooth loss include tooth decay, periodontal disease, and trauma to the face. If you have lost teeth, normal speech, eating, and even laughing in public becomes an issue. Additionally, the surface of all adjoining teeth become exposed to further damage. With time, you might experience loss of the jawbone mass, which could change your facial structure. Getting implants is a popular solution for people after tooth loss. These are the four benefits you get from choosing dental implants.

They are Good for Smile Restoration

After tooth loss, you might become very self-conscious about gaps left. Typically, this creates the impulse to hide the gaps by covering your mouth when laughing and talking. Missing teeth also make you look much older than you are. By getting implants, you restore your beautiful smile and recover from any stigma attached to gaps in your mouth.

They Will Restore Your Ability to Eat Hard Food

If you have tooth gaps on one side of your mouth, you might have noticed that you tend to chew using the other part of the mouth. Even after the spot heals, it is still hard to bite food using the gum. A dental prosthetic covers the soft gum and restores the original force of your teeth as you chew food.

Implants Help Maintain the Face Shape

When you lose teeth and leave the gaps as they are, the jawbone weakens around the gaps. Over the years, the jawbone will shrink. Your facial skin will lack the support it needs, and your face will collapse. When you get a dental implant, you prevent the loss of jawbone mass and maintain your facial structure.

Implants Prevent Loss of Adjacent Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the surfaces of the two teeth adjacent to the missing one are left exposed. The neighboring teeth become vulnerable to cavities because plaque bacteria get more surface to coat.

These cavities can eventually lead to further loss of teeth. When you cover the open surface with implants, you prevent deterioration of adjoining teeth. Other benefits of dental implants include the fact that they restore your natural speech and smile, and you don't worry about taking care of your dentures. Talk to a competent dentist about the possibility of getting implants to preserve your beautiful smile and protect the remaining teeth and bones.


25 September 2020

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