Four Benefits of Orthognathic Surgery

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Dentists might recommend for you to have orthognathic surgery if your jaw is unable to be corrected through other means. For most doctors, surgery is not the first resort, but it is there if other treatments do not result in the corrections they are wanting. Corrective jaw surgery can be a have a very extensive recovery period, but here are several benefits that might help you make your decision about whether or not to go through with the surgery. 

Improved Appearance

People who are experiencing pain and problems with their jaw might be dealing with a change in the way their face looks. This is not a huge reason why people decide to have corrective jaw surgery, but it is definitely a benefit of going through with the procedure. When you have orthognathic surgery, your jaw will be placed in its proper location on your face and you will regain confidence in your facial appearance.

Relief From Pain

If you are needing orthognathic surgery, then chances are that you are experiencing a high level of pain. Due to the amount of use people experience when chewing, the pain can be excruciating for some people. The surgery leaves your jaw looking better than ever and your pain is greatly reduced, if not fully eliminated. 

Protect Your Teeth

When a jaw is out of place, the teeth do not align as they properly should. Corrective jaw surgery gets your jaw straightened out as well as returning your teeth to where they naturally need to go. When the teeth are out of alignment, it can lead to a number of other issues as well as increased pain due to pressure that does not need to be there. 

Improve Chewing and Speech

One of the biggest results people see after orthognathic surgery is that of improved chewing and speech. These are two parts of everyday life that we all participate in multiple times a day, but when things are not working properly, it can become a challenge. With your jaw in the right spot, you can chew your food easier, most of the time with no more pain. People who have had corrective jaw surgery are able to enjoy foods they haven't been able to physically eat in years. When the jaw is corrected and placed in the right location, speech is going to be improved as a result. Orthognathic surgery provides patients with relief, confidence, and a better outlook on life. 


6 August 2020

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