Suffering From TMJ? Try These Techniques For At-Home Relief

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Do you have an issue with TMJ in your jaw that is causing you pain? If so, you should consider reaching out to your dentist to find out how you can correct this problem. Until that happens, here are some exercises you can do at home to provide you with some relief.

Assisted & Resisted Jaw Opening 

A simple technique is known as assisted jaw opening, where you take your fingers and thumb to grab onto your jaw and assist yourself as you open your jaw. Make sure that you are fully opening your jaw when doing so. Resisted opening involves putting both palms of your hand under your chin so that you are cradling your face, then push against your jaw as you try to open it. Repeat both actions about 10 times. 

Masseter Muscle Massage

Place your fingertips flat against your masseter muscle, which should be located right below your cheekbone. Move your fingers in a circular motion, moving them clockwise for 15 seconds, and counterclockwise for another 15 seconds. Then place the palm of your hand on the same spot, and drag it downward while opening your jaw about 10 times. Then repeat the process, but moving your palm upward while opening your jaw about 10 times. 

You can massage the same spot from the inside of your mouth as well, so many sure your hands are clean before proceeding. Try placing your pointer finger along the inside of your cheek, then clench down and feel for the masseter muscle with your fingers. You can lightly pull down on the muscle about 10 times to give that area some relief.

Roof Spreading

This technique also involves placing your thumbs in your mouth, Place your thumbs against the roof of your mouth, and then spread them open to the side about 5-10 times while applying pressure to the area. 

Temporal Muscle Massage

Start by taking the pads of your fingertips and place them up against your temporal muscle. It can be found by placing your fingers on the side of your head along the top of your jaw and clenching, which should cause the muscle to pop out. Move your fingers in a circular motion for about half a minute, making sure to move in clockwise and counterclockwise motions. Then take the palm of your hand and place it against that same muscle, and move it upward while opening your jaw about 10 times. Hopefully, you should feel a little bit of relief.

If these exercises are not doing the trick, visit a local professional to get some tmj dental treatment.


27 July 2020

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