How Can Fixed Dentures With Mini Implants Benefit You

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If you have dentures that do not seem to fit right, then you may want to look into some options for stabilization. Mini dental implants allow for this as they lock the dentures in place and keep them from shifting around. The snap-on dentures do require a surgical operation. Before you decide on whether surgery is right for you, keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of mini implant-supported dentures.

Increased Tissue Strength

Tissue loss is one of the more common reasons why dentures do not fit correctly. The loss is noted across the jaw where bone cells slowly break down. And, the gums that sit on top of the bone start to sink into the spaces where bone is lost. Gum tissues also thin out over time as the dentures place constant pressure on them. Pressure also leads to sores and this can cause tissue breakdown.

Mini dental implants reduce these tissue degradation issues in a few different ways. Since the implant post is inserted into the jaw, the device places direct pressure on the bone. This actually helps to restore the tissue since bone stress leads to osteoblast activity. Osteoblasts create bone tissue and the result is a thicker and more stable jaw. 

When it comes to gum tissues, the implant will keep the dentures from moving and rubbing against them. The tissues then have a chance to heal and thicken. 

Better Chewing Ability

Individuals will often need to drastically change the way they eat when they get dentures. The false teeth cannot bite into hard and extremely chewy foods. Simply put, the added pressure forces the teeth to dislodge. So, you may have given up some of your favorite foods like steak, corn, caramel, and peanut butter.

You can go back to eating sticky and hard foods after the mini implant is secured. This means eating foods you like while adding variety to the diet to encourage good nutrition. Nutrition is something that is affected by dentures and older people may not receive the calories and nutrients they need as a result. For example, seniors need additional B12, potassium, and fiber. All of these nutrients are available in raw fruits and vegetables, which you will be able to consume again with fixed dentures. You can also increase your intake of meats that provide added protein that helps with building strong body tissues.

If you want to know more about fixed dentures and the benefits of mini dental implants, speak with a dental professional. 


23 June 2020

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