Why Are Teeth Easier To Adjust Earlier In Life?

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You may have heard that getting braces at a younger age is better than getting them when you become an adult. Some parents are reluctant to put their children in braces as it can impact their appearance while in school, but there really is no better time to undergo having braces. If you're unclear on why this is, keep reading.

How Teeth Stay in Place

Everyone knows that teeth are anchored by the gums, but some people are unaware that there's more to it than that. Perhaps you've seen a baby tooth fall out of your child's mouth. They typically look rather short, but in reality, they're much longer than that. This is because when a child's tooth falls out, the root is absorbed into the body first, so only a portion of the tooth actually falls out.

Teeth have to be as long as they are because they're anchored in the jaw bone. When teeth are moved around with braces, it becomes necessary to shift the teeth in the jaw, which is possible during adulthood, but it's more difficult.

Growing Children

Children are great candidates for braces because their bodies are still growing. The jaw bone tends to be less dense and is changing size all the time while a child is still developing. This makes it much easier to move the teeth around. Once they're in the proper place thanks to braces, the jaw will continue to become more dense and firm, ensuring that the teeth stay in place for the rest of your child's life.

What to Do

As an adult, you have the ultimate decision to make in whether or not to get your child braces. But consider this: your child will experience less discomfort and may have an overall shorter treatment program if you sign them up for braces now instead of letting them handle it once they become an adult. Your child will likely be grateful to you once they grow up because they won't have to go through braces in adulthood and will already have a perfect smile that they can be proud of as they go through high school, college, and ultimately start looking for a profession.

Getting your child braces now can make a big difference for their future. If you're convinced, contact an orthodontist to get the ball rolling. After a consultation and examination, the two of you can discuss what your child needs and how long their treatment may take. For more information, reach out to an orthodontist in your area.


9 June 2020

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