How Orthodontists Help Children Who Have Crooked Teeth Due to Pacificers

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Some babies use pacifiers must longer than they should because the sensation is pleasant and it helps relieve their anxiety. However, this usage may cause a child's teeth to go crooked and could cause lifetime dental health issues. Thankfully, an orthodontist can help manage this problem by working with the child and correcting their teeth at a proper age.

Excessive Pacifier Use May Cause Teeth Issues

A pacifier is a useful tool for keeping a child calm and giving them something to do when anxiety strikes. However, these tools should not be used lightly and only when a child absolutely needs it. For example, there are many problems that may occur with a child's health if their parents aren't careful with their pacifier use. These issues can become quite persistent if they are left to worsen.

In severe cases, excessive or elongated pacifier use — past the age of one or two — may open a child up to dental damage. Unfortunately, many children develop crooked teeth because of extended pacifier use or thumb sucking. If your baby's teeth are crooked, it doesn't necessarily mean their permanent teeth will be, but extended pacifier use can contribute to crooked permanent teeth.

Ways an Orthodontist May Help

An orthodontist is a professional who helps to keep teeth as straight as possible in order to prevent oral health issues that may otherwise develop. For example, if a child's teeth are damaged by a pacifier and end up crooked, these experts can provide care methods that straighten the teeth, keep them from getting worse as they age, and protect their oral health for the rest of their lives.

The care methods that they use vary depending on the need of the child. For example, some types of problems may need heavy braces that adjust the position of the teeth and keep them straight. However, more problematic issues, such as overbites, may even require surgery to properly manage. Thankfully, most concerns should be easily managed by braces, particularly if a child starts early enough.

And once a child's braces have been removed, parents can then use a retainer to keep them as straight as possible and avoid any other complications with their oral health. These steps are so critical because they can give a child the best chance of managing the dangers of crooked teeth while also ensuring that they don't run into needless complications with their oral health later down the road.

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29 May 2020

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