How Long Will You Have To Wear Braces?

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Are you excited and nervous about getting braces sometime soon? Getting braces is an excellent solution for crooked, misplaced teeth, but they do not provide an instant resolution. Instead, they take time. They gradually move teeth into the correct positions, and when they complete the job, your orthodontist will remove them. If you are wondering how long this will take, here are several factors you should know about that affect the timing of braces.

The Severity of the Issues You Have

Every case is different. There are no two mouths that are identical, which means that the timing of a case varies. Some people might need braces for ten to twelve months. Other people might need them for three years. The main factor that affects the timeframe is the severity of the issues you have. A severe case will take longer than a minor case. You can talk to your orthodontist to find out how severe your issues are if you are wondering.

Keep in mind that you might think your issues are minor when really, they might be more severe than you think. For example, if an orthodontist needs to adjust your bite, you will need the braces longer. You might not even realize that your bite is off, but your dentist will know this and will work on correcting it.

The Way You Care for Your Braces

A second factor that plays a role in the timeframe of braces is the way you care for them. When you initially get your braces, your orthodontist will tell you how to clean them properly and use them correctly. He or she will also explain what to do and what not to do. The purpose of all these rules and explanations is to help the braces work as fast as possible. If you follow all the rules and care properly for your braces, they will work faster. If you do not follow the rules, you could encounter problems.

For example, you cannot eat hard, crunchy foods while wearing braces. If you break this rule, you could end up with a loose bracket. When a bracket gets loose, it cannot apply enough pressure on your tooth. If this occurs, your braces will not be doing their job as they should be, and this will increase the time you must wear the devices.

If you have questions about the timing of braces or your options, talk to an orthodontist today.

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1 April 2020

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