Children Chewing Ice May Need To See A Family Dentist Soon

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Parents of children who chew ice from their drinks know how annoying this habit can be in many ways. Unfortunately, many also likely know how devastating this chewing is to their child's teeth and may, therefore, need help. Thankfully, a high-quality dentist can help to address this issue and give parents and children the chance to overcome this problem for good.

Why Children Who Chew Ice Experience Dental Damage

Children often chew ice when they are done with their drinks at home or at the restaurant as a way of getting more fluid. Some also enjoy the sensation of the cracking ice in their mouth or use it as a way to vent frustration or other negative emotions. Whatever the case, this type of habit is a damaging one and is something that parents need to take seriously to protect their child from any real problems.

That's because ice is very hard and, when it cracks, it can send shudders of pressure through a child's mouth. This extra pressure can cause cracks in their tooth, breaks throughout a tooth's roots, and other types of damage that can be hard to properly manage. And if a child keeps chewing ice in this way, they're likely to need to see a family dentist to ensure that their teeth are as strong as possible.

Why a Family Dentist Can Help

Parents of children who chew ice should take their child to a family dentist right away for a talk. The dentist can help the child understand how damaging ice is to their teeth and why they should stop. These types of chats can often serve as a good educational method for a child. If the child has gone to the dentist before, they likely know them, trust them, and take their opinion seriously.

And dentists can also fix any of the damage that occurs when a child chews ice. For example, they can add a crown to a damaged permanent tooth to ensure that it doesn't get even more injured. These professionals can also provide other types of care, such as a root canal if the child's ice-chewing habit gets out of control and causes more widespread problems that need more extensive care to treat.

Just as importantly, a family dentist can track a child's ice-chewing habit as they age and find ways to get them to stop. For example, if a child chews ice into their teen years, a dentist may be able to stress how dental damage could lead to braces. If the dentist has built up a good relationship with the child, there s a good chance that they'll fully understand and will try to stop chewing so much ice.


26 March 2020

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