What To Expect When Using Nitrous Oxide At The Dentist

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Do you have an upcoming dental appointment where you plan on using nitrous oxide as a form of dental sedation? This can help you feel a lot more relaxed and get through a dental appointment that may normally make you feel nervous and give you anxiety. Here is what you can expect when using nitrous oxide. 

The Equipment

The dentist is going to show you the equipment they will be using to administer the nitrous oxide. There are disposable liners that go on a mask that fits over your nose, with there being multiple sizes designed for both children and adults. The mask will fit snugly no matter what size you are. 

The Preparation

This mask is connected to a tank of nitrous oxide, which has a regulator to control how much gas is released into the mask that fits over your nose. The dentist has full control over the flow of the nitrous oxide.

Oxygen will flow through all of the equipment before it is put onto your face. You rest your head back in the dental chair, and the dentist will place the mask over your nose. The dentist will then get a good idea of how much oxygen is coming through the equipment as you breathe normally. They'll ask you if you can breathe comfortably, if too much oxygen is flowing through the equipment, or if you are gasping for air because there is not enough oxygen. The dentist will make adjustments to find out how much oxygen you need for a comfortable flow of oxygen and nitrous oxide. 

The Sensation

The dentist will administer the nitrous oxide to your mask, which should not take very long for it to take effect. You will feel your reaction time slow down, with a feeling of calmness. Some people feel tingling in their legs and arms, or even a bit light-headed. Some people even feel like laughing a bit, which is why the gas is known as laughing gas. This is a normal sensation to experience, so know that everything is okay. 

The Recovery

What makes nitrous oxide a great form of dental sedation is that there is a very short recovery time after the gas is turned off. Within a few minutes you should start feeling normal again, and even be able to drive yourself home after your dental appointment. 

Ask your dentist if you have more questions about using nitrous oxide for sedation dentistry.


22 March 2020

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