This Is Why Your Teeth Look Bigger As You Age

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Ever heard the phrase 'long in the tooth' associated with older folks? Turns out, there's a reason for that phrase being associated with older people. As you get older, your teeth can start to look a bit bigger. But why? Can you restore your teeth to the way that they used to look? The short answer is yes, there's something you can do about it. Keep reading to find out more about what's going on and what solutions exist.

Receding Gums

The appearance of larger teeth is actually a bit of an illusion. Nothing is happening to your teeth themselves; it's the gums that are at fault here.

Gums can recede, which means that they pull back from the tooth. When this happens, more of the tooth is exposed, which makes it appear larger or longer. Unfortunately, that's not all that happens. The more tooth is exposed, the larger the risk of you developing cavities, as the part of the tooth that's normally hidden lacks enamel. This means that you have a cosmetic problem and a functional one, too.


Receding gums can happen for a variety of reasons, like gum disease. However, many older people develop receding gums naturally. There's not necessarily one leading cause for it; simply brushing your teeth and chewing on a daily basis can cause gums to gradually recede over many, many years' worth of time.

What to Do About It

If you're tired of the way that your teeth look and don't like them being associated with aging, here's what you can do about it.

First off, get yourself to a cosmetic dentist. They're pros at fixing cosmetic problems with teeth and gums and can help you with your issue.

Your cosmetic dentist will take a look at your gums to first determine if they're healthy. If they aren't, they'll help you with this first — cosmetic dentists are, after all, regular dentists with extra training, so they can do everything that your traditional dentist can.

From there, a gum graft procedure will be arranged. This is a procedure where a small sliver of tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth and grafted, or surgically attached, to the edge of your gums. This tissue is integrated into the gums and they gradually become one seamless piece, extending the length of your gums and protecting your teeth from further damage. In one simple procedure you can quickly regain your former appearance and lose any functional defects caused by your gums receding, too.

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20 March 2020

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