Why Singers Need Dentists To Protect Their Oral Health

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Singers need to pay special attention to their dental health if they want to succeed. Although practicing breath control, extending a singing range, and learning other skills are also very critical, singers who let their teeth decay are going to run into some issues. Thankfully, a growing number of dental professionals understand how to manage this issue and protect a person's singing voice. Regular visits to a dental office may help to ensure that nothing damages a singer's voice in the future. 

Teeth Affect a Person's Singing Voice

Singers know that their projection is very heavily impacted by their teeth and their health. For example, singers often use their teeth to create a louder sound, adjust the pitch of their singing, or create unique effects with their tongues. However, those singers with bad teeth may end up struggling to succeed because of the different ways that rotting and damaged teeth can negatively affect a person's singing voice.

For example, it is possible that a missing tooth could cause a whistle that makes a person's singing somewhat awkward. And other issues, such as weaker or poorly aligned teeth, could also make it difficult to project. Therefore, it is important to find a way to minimize this problem for those who want to become professional singers. Thankfully, a high-quality dentist can help out a lot here.

How a Dentist May Help

Singers worried about their overall dental health can visit a dentist to get the help that they need to keep their teeth strong. Dentists understand how to repair damaged teeth and make them stronger. For example, cavity fillings help to prevent dental damage that may spread rapidly throughout a mouth. This type of protection is crucial for ensuring that a person is able to properly project and enunciate.

Just as importantly, a dentist can check on other issues that may plague a singer's dental health. For example, if their teeth become misaligned and they have crooked or imperfect teeth, a high-quality dentist can provide them with the help necessary to ensure that things don't go poorly for them.

All of these benefits make a dentist something that all singers should seriously consider before their next performance. These professionals will work hard to ensure that a singer's oral care does not affect their singing or make them struggle to project or shape their words. In this way, they can invest in their career and avoid serious ramifications for years to come.

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11 March 2020

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