4 Tips For Finding A New Dentist

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People look for a new dentist for any number of reasons. You may have just moved, your former dentist may have retired, or you might simply want a change. If you haven't had to find a new dentist for several years, you may not know where to begin. Here are four tips that can help you find the dentist that will serve you best:

1. Find a dentist who is currently accepting new patients

Some dental practices are very busy, with full rosters of patients. When looking for a new dentist, try to find one who is currently accepting new patients. You will likely have to call their office to find out, since this information isn't readily accessible on the internet. Biannual dental exams are an important part of oral health, so it's often better to choose a dentist in your area who can see you immediately.

2. Seek sedation dentistry services if you need them

It's very common for people to have anxiety surrounding dental appointments. If you suffer from dental phobias, you don't have to bear them in silence. Many dentists offer sedation options that can reduce your anxiety to manageable levels. Nitrous oxide is a safe, respirable drug that will allow you to relax while the dentist examines your teeth. The effects of nitrous oxide dissipate as soon as you discontinue use, which means it's safe to drive yourself home after your appointment. If anxiety treatment is important to you, look for a dentist who offers this service.

3. Make sure you feel comfortable

Going to the dentist is often a stressful experience on its own. The last thing you need is more stress. You should feel comfortable through the entire process, from scheduling your appointment to the exam itself. If you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable at any time, you always have the option of leaving. Finding the right dentist is about compatibility as much as competence. Don't settle for anything less than a dentist who makes you feel comfortable.

4. Take additional services into account

All dentists can perform cleanings, x-rays, and exams, but some dentists offer additional services too. If you want the option of having your teeth professionally whitened or straightened, look for a general dentist who also offers cosmetic dentistry treatments. The ability to have all these services done in one place can save a lot of time, which is valuable to some patients.


11 March 2020

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