Dental Sedation: How To Calm Yourself And Your Child

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When a child suffers dental trauma, it can be scary for everyone. It is a possibility he or she may have to be sedated so the dentist can evaluate the situations and do any necessary procedures. The thought of sedating your child for any reason is terrifying for a parent, but it is necessary to keep the child perfectly still. If your child is facing dental sedation, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Ask Questions

Before anything, you should ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with the idea of sedation. If your child is older or is able to understand exactly what is happening, allow the child to listen in to your questioning so he or she will feel better about what will happen. For smaller kids, explain they will go to sleep for just a short time while the doctor repairs the injury. Emphasize the child will not feel any pain whatsoever while asleep. This often calms scared children, as the biggest fear is the pain element.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere

Your child needs as much comfort as possible during this time. Allow your child to have their favorite comfort item while he or she is being sedated. This could be a blanket, toy, or stuffed animal. For small kids who still use a pacifier or other oral soothing mechanism, try to find something else that will bring comfort, as the mouth will not be an option. Once the child is asleep, the dentist may have to take the item away if the area is sterile, so be sure you ask to get the item back so that you can give it back to your child at the end of the procedure.

Also, think about comfort after the procedure. After sedation, you will likely have a very drowsy child, so you may want to dress him or her in very comfortable clothing, or even pajamas. Before you go in for the sedation, get your child's bedroom ready so that he or she can go straight to bed when you get home.

Go to the Procedure Alone

Loud children can induce stress in an already stressful situation. If you have other children, particularly younger kids, leave them at home or with a babysitter while you take the other child to the dentist. You need to solely focus on the child going through the dental sedation. Chances are you are going to be nervous, too, and taking care of other kids while trying to help your scared child is not going to create a calm atmosphere.

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25 September 2018

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